Infinitefreefall releases new remix album

The Remixes, Vol 3 is a 24-track double album



Young local producer Maxton Stenstrom, a.k.a. Infinitefreefall, has released a new remix album The Remixes, Vol. 3, 24-track double album with a 79-minute mashup disc that comprises nearly 300 samples, plus a second disc that combines new mixes with Stenstrom’s older stuff.

“I’ve mostly worked out of my room as a producer while I was in high school at Stratford High,” Stenstrom says, “But now that I’m out, I’m looking to start doing live sets locally every once in a while. Production is really my passion as opposed to live performance, but I suppose you can’t really have one without the other.”

The Remixes, Vol. 3 reached No. 10 on Bandcamp’s bestselling albums on the pre-order’s launch day. The album is also available on

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