DJ Chuck T drops mixtape series

He's the self-proclaimed Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes



Formerly of Charleston, DJ Chuck T moved to Charlotte about five years ago. “There aren’t very many urban nightclubs left,” he says of his former home city. But his absence is unnoticeable since shops like Monster Music and Moves and Cat’s Music still stock their shelves with the mixtapes and CDs he consistently releases. He’ll be in town hosting the Geechee One Award Show Nov. 8 at Burke Middle High School in North Charleston.

Right now, DJ Chuck T, a.k.a. self-proclaimed Lord and Savior of Southern Mixtapes, is now promoting the recently dropped the White Labels mixtape series, which is available on his website ( The new series compiles tracks from unsigned artists and "impossible-to-find music," with a focus on Carolina hip-hop acts.

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