Dumb Doctors release two new tracks



Recent winners of the City Paper Music Award for Punk/Metal Band of the Year, Dumb Doctors released two new tracks on their Bandcamp page this week.

Frontman Scott Dence tells us the grungy punk ballad “The Sunlight” is influenced by T-Rex and David Bowie, while the more energetic “Into the Unknown” came from “just a need to do a loud, fast song” and was inspired by the music of Savannah’s Wet Socks and Sauna Heat. “I just wanted to crank it up a little louder,” Dence says. “Some might call it shit-fi.”

Along with the rest of Dumb Doctors’ songs, these two were recorded on tape. After laying down one more two-track release, the Docs plan to compile all of this year’s singles for a full-length debut, which will be available via Charleston’s Academia Tapes. Check out the new songs below: 

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