VIDEO: Savage Souls release "Disturbing Sound" video

Make love good



Savage Souls recently debuted the video for “Disturbing Sound,” an older track from 2013’s Savage Saturday: The Mixtape.

Between a lot of recording, shows, and other antics, you could say the guys were distracted. “When we shot it, I had something very specific in mind and so we shot accordingly, performance-wise,” Kae G The Original Seed explains. “But there has been a lot of alcohol between the shoot and the edit, and I forgot what that was.”

The final product features emcee Apollo Valdez. “He’s an incredible emcee that has been a mainstay in the area for a long time, but just hasn’t ever seemed to receive the attention he deserves,” Kae G says.

The video features shots from The Blues Brothers, plus an interview with James Brown in which is declares that he "make love good."

Savage Souls is also working on a new EP, Invasion, which will realize their goal in completing four EPs in one year. 

Check out "Disturbing Sound" here:

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