Royal Tinfoil launch Kickstarter campaign

Deadline is May 6


The Royal Tinfoil have launched a pretty fun crowdsourcing campaign in hopes of getting their tour van up and running again so they can promote their most recent release, Feed These Demons.

In the promotional video, members Mackie Boles, Lily Slay, Marshall Hudson, Whitt Algar, and John F. Kennedy brainstorm hilarious rewards for donors. Donate $100 to punch Slay in the face; $200 to receive Sol Driven Train’s 2013 City Paper Music Award that they left at a Tinfoil member’s house; or $950 to get a painting of Boles painted by Hudson.

Smaller pledges come with party invites to a beach ball party ($50), a yoga party ($60), and a fine art party ($35).

You can help the Tinfoil reach their $5,000 goal before the May 6 deadline by heading over to

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