WATCH: Bill Murray gets down at the Charleston Music Hall

If it hadn't been for love, we wouldn't have this video


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Apparently Bill Murray is a fan of Chris Stapleton — like, a really big fan.

The Nashville artist posted a video to his Facebook page yesterday showing Murray, a.k.a. Charleston's favorite resident, gettin' down at the June 12 Stapleton show at the Charleston Music Hall.

Standing up amongst a seated audience, Murray thrusts his hands in the air and shouts along to the lyrics, "Never woulda loaded up a 44/ Put myself behind a jailhouse door," from the track "If it Hadn't Been for Love" from Stapleton's former band, Steeldrivers. 

If you haven't had a Murray sighting in a while, this video should fix you right up. It's pretty adorable. Enjoy! 


Posted by Chris Stapleton on Monday, 17 August 2015


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