Jump, Little Children to release more tickets at noon today

There's still hope for a glimpse of Jump Dec. 30 or 31


  • Nathan Baerreis

If you're one of the many Jump, Little Children fans who couldn't snag tickets for their Charleston reunion before they sold out, you're getting a second chance. 

The band will release more seats today at noon for their shows at the Music Farm Dec. 30 and Dec. 31. 

Tickets will be $25 and are general admission. Both dates are all-ages shows. 

Both Music Farm shows will begin at 8 p.m. with Owen Beverly's latest rock venture, INDIANOLA (also featuring Andy Dixon, Joel Hamilton, and Jack Burg), followed by an old local fave that has reunited (and it sounds so good), Slow Runner.

Head on over to the Farm's site here to try your luck one last time at those Jump seats. Oh, and Happy New Year!

UPDATE: The Wed. Dec. 30 show is sold out. 

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