Haley Shaw releases Steven Fiore-produced EP, Waters

Delicate Things


When local singer-songwriter Haley Shaw released her new EP Waters this week, she introduced it as a simple offering of songs she wrote in quiet hours. That's not hard to believe, since the four-song collection is a calming one with the ability to silence all of life's disruptions so you can absorb the beauty these songs have to offer. 

Each gentle track was recorded and produced in the barn-cum-studio behind Steven Fiore’s Chapel Hill home, now officially known as Small is the New Tall. You may have caught Shaw sharing a Holy City stage or two with the Young Mister musician in recent months, so it’s no surprise that Waters is a project the two collaborated on together, with Fiore co-writing the lead single, "Delicate Things." 

Other tracks include a song inspired by the “loneliest whale in the world” — “The Whale Song” —and “Burn as Bright,” which Shaw describes as a very-Nashville song. “It’s about longing and the courage it takes to let yourself yearn for something or someone better,” she says.

Finally, the track “This Water’s for Me” is a song about “reclaiming your space — emotional, spiritual, physical — after your heart’s ass has been handed to you,” says Shaw, who was also recognized this week in Charlie magazine’s 50 Most Progressive.

You can hear Waters here.

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