TONIGHT: Pinkerton & the Brinks release sophomore LP


  • Jonathan Boncek
Local bluegrassers Pinkerton & the Brinks released their sophomore record today. The eight-song collection has been in the works for a year and was recorded in one weekend last June with Todd Brown at James Island’s RTZ Studio.

The album title is Bayer Nation. Guitarist/vocalist Bill Mando says, “The ‘Bear’ is spelled ‘Bayer’ for Bayer Nation as an inside and vague reference to something else — long story that concerns us regarding Bayer Corp (big pharm) buying out Monsanto Corp (big farm), which controls most of the world’s food source. Never mind that one — but the name stuck.” Mando says that a couple of songs are “politically flavored,” a couple are “fictitiously autobiographical,” a couple reflect the band’s “trademark goofy selves,” and while technically the last two are separate songs, they’re done as one track since they gel so well together.

The Bayer Nation release party is happening tonight Mon. Nov. 7 at Ye Olde Music Shop at 6 p.m., with John Rowland, Sex Wax, and Dustin McBride & Friends opening.

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