TONIGHT: Meet new local punk rockers, The Disgusting Follies

Drink responsibly


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There's a new punk band in town, and they're not modest at all. "We're the most punk band that ever existed," says bassist Elliot Vanotti, a.k.a. "Gangrene Machine Trolgar."

Fiasco's Scott Frank (vocals), the Royal Tinfoil's Mackie Boles (guitar), Drunk Couples' Andrew Barnes (drums), and Vanotti make up the Disgusting Follies, who'll perform their first show tonight at Rec Room. "We have wholesome punk songs such as 'Call Your Mom,' and 'Drink Responsibly,'" Vanotti says. 'We'll be playing with the troll metal band Trolgar; they sing about trolls."

The Disgusting Follies are currently working on a debut EP with Bandi Tomashek at Spinning Whale Studios, and Boles says that the band's mission is to serve the community through song.

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