Pierce Alexander releases synth-pop single, "Keeps Me Away"

Radio Ready



Pierce Alexander’s “Keeps Me Away,” released on Wednesday, is a radio-ready synth-pop single perfect for an arena full of dancing fans, a much more energetic vibe than his previous material.

“My last release, “Thoughts Like These,” had many layers of heavy guitars and harmonized vocals, while “Waiting for the Show” had more of a lighter indie-rock sound,” says Alexander.

“I tried to incorporate both of those sounds while making this song, and I think we found a way to bring those sounds together.”

The song is also the second one he’s recorded with producer Lee Barbour, though some drums and vocals were tracked with Wolfgang Zimmerman. Album artwork is by Nic Jenkins.

To listen to “Keeps Me Away,” go to soundcloud.com/piercealexander.

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