Crab Claw gets mullet envy in new "Scoot, Scoot" video... Southern Charm appearance coming?

“It’s a love story as old as time.”



Earlier this month, Crab Claw debuted his latest video for “Scoot, Scoot,” a track off upcoming LP titled The Second Coming. Produced by Toucan Films, the video shows Crab Claw’s Walker Trull getting outshined by another scooter owner with better hair.

He says it’s a scooter anthem, so, it's classic Crab Claw silliness, basically.

“The song is about driving around on the scooter, but the video is about a girl leaving me for another guy with a mullet,” he says. “It’s a love story as old as time.”

The Second Coming
will also feature such titles as “Instagram,” “Mullet Man,” “Magic: The Megan Murphy,” and, another ode to the Carolina Panthers, “Cammy Cam loves the Kids.” 

Trull says, “We broach topics and themes of lost love, social media jealousy, the downsides of having an awesome haircut, loneliness, alcoholism, and depression.”

And if Crab Claw’s Instagram isn’t totally full of shit, you may catch him, mullet and all, tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo’s Southern Charm. He posted, “Every man has a price, and mine is embarrassingly low.” 

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