The CW features Grace Joyner’s “Dreams”

Teen drama Riverdale sought out the singer



Grace Joyner’s “Dreams,” off last year’s Maybe Somtimes — in C, got some prime time love last week when it was featured in a scene from teen drama Riverdale on the CW.

The scene features characters Veronica and Cheryl sitting on a bed, thumbing through a photo album, and talking about ways to memorialize Cheryl’s brother, Jason. Not that we watch the show obviously intended for 16 year olds. Not at all.

Joyner says Riverdale contacted her about including the song a couple of months ago. While she isn’t sure how they found her, "Dreams" has been getting plenty of love on Spotify — nearly 350,000 listens thus far. So the social music platform is likely a contributing factor.

Catch a rerun on the CW or view the clip from that episode above.

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