Q and A: Local punk-n-roll project Drunk Couples on what's up with new EP, 'Way Gone'

Album-release show is Mon. Feb. 12 at Tin Roof w/ Prayer Group, USA Nails, and To Forget



They claim to be available for weddings and funerals, but we're here to tell you you'll most likely spot two-piece punk project Drunk Couples shredding in a dive bar near you. Members Andrew Barnes and CJ DeLuca finished recording brand new EP Way Gone last year then up and decided to drop it this week on Fri. Feb. 9 — you can grab a copy at their album-release show on Mon. Feb. 12 at Tin Roof. Here's what else you should know about Way Gone.

So you've been recording: Where has this been happening?

Andrew: We recorded the majority of the EP in Richmond, VA over a weekend back in July ’17 with the help of our good pals Ethan and Nate (who also plays bass on the EP) of the band Prayer Group engineering the sessions in this big open room in an art gallery after hours. Then we sent it off to Dallas for our buddy Nathan Hussey of All Get Out to mix and master it.

Who wrote the new album's songs and what's this new collection all about?

CJ: The songs were written by Barnes and I on and off during the first half of 2017. In a word, it's about resilience. It's about navigating through adversity and tragedy in life with dogged perseverance, and bearing your teeth at those that attempt to get in your way on the path to better living. It's about being wary, but also hopeful and determined. It's about emerging like a goddamned phoenix from the ashes of bullshit that's beyond your control. It's about being ferocious for the sake of righteousness, and meeting your fate with bravery and grace.

Any singles you want to highlight?

CJ: "In My Way" for encapsulating the overall theme most perfectly and "Florio" as it pays tribute to a good friend of ours that passed away unexpectedly.

What else can listeners expect from the album?

CJ: They can expect a quick double dose of snotty hardcore punk influence in the vein of Trash Talk/Outbreak on the front end followed by two tracks of lumbering, sludgy rock and roll with a girthy bottom end not unlike that of Helms Alee/Melvins/Red Fang, with a touch of Quicksand and a bitter, abrasive, Whammy-filled finish.

Where can readers find it?

Andrew: It’ll be available on all major digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp, etc.) on February 9th.

What's next for Drunk Couples?

Andrew: We’ll be doing an album-release show for the EP in town at Tin Roof on Monday, 2/12 with the aforementioned Prayer Group from Richmond, USA Nails from London on their first ever US tour, and local rippers To Forget. After that we’re lining up a handful of regional out of town shows this spring to support the EP when we can while balancing our other projects, and then plugging away at our next full-length album over the course of the year.

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