Band of Horses are recording in Charleston right now

Casual Party. NBD



Cane as you are🤔 @rialtorow

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If you've been following producer Wolfgang Zimmerman or his Rialto Row on Instagram, you're  clued in by now that the Band of Horses — yep the Band of Horses — are making music as we speak on the peninsula. At Rialto Row.

But late last night, Band of Horses themselves gave Rialto Row a shoutout on the ole Insta, having fun with the studio's "Cane as you are" welcome mat.

So what's the scoop? You'll have to read our March 21 issue to find out. So stay tuned, friends, and let's hear it for the crew at Rialto Row, Zimmerman's state-of-the-art studio that's been a long time comin'.

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