Beat Juice: 11 Questions with Whitehall

Prayers to Kanye West



With a style that includes a little of this and a little of that, Whitehall delivers a unique sound complete with touches of EDM, folk, funk, and sax solos that have the whole town talking. The band formed in 2014 out of a college dorm room and have been jamming ever since. With new singles and albums on the way this summer, Whitehall is one to keep your eye on. From prayer circles devoted to Kanye West and extraordinary moments slathered in butter, it's safe to say you'll find out a thing or two that you didn't know about Whitehall in this edition of Beat Juice.

Biggest Musical Influence?
Currently the band Car Seat Headrest has been a big influence in our songwriting.

Favorite local venue?
The Royal American is the coolest place in town to play. You'll always see great friends and other people in the local music scene hanging out there on any given night. Not to mention the sound and stage production is great and the room allows the crowd to pack in tight and make it a more intimate show.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

The Wiggles.

How do you get rid of pre-show jitters?
Drink beer, jump around, then pray to the almighty Kanye West. For real though, we actually gather in a circle with our arms around each other and pray to Kanye right before we hit the stage.

Dream venue to play at?
Red Rocks

Favorite song you've written?
Tough call: it's between "Vacation Home" "Impossibly Close," and "Fading," all of which will be on our upcoming album.

Best burger in the Holy City?
Pub Fare Food Stand and Big Gun are pretty much tied.

Go-to hangover cure?
Go out in the backyard, put a tarp down, slather each other in butter, and have a slip n slide party . Then shovel a few pounds of AC's fries in our mouths. Really takes our minds off the hangover.

What album could you play on repeat and never get tired of?

We all have different musical backgrounds so we each have different answers ...
Paddy: "Harvest" by Neil Young
Avery: "Keep it like a Secret" by Built to Spill
Pat: "Mean Everything to Nothing" by Manchester Orchestra
Brennan: "Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Davis: "There is Nothing Left to Lose" by Foo Fighters

Best band of all time?
The one time that Paul McCartney fronted Nirvana.

Any upcoming shows/releases?

We are playing Music Farm on March 31st with our friends Public Safety and Daddy's Beemer. We'll be playing songs from our upcoming album! Tickets can be found on our website or in our instagram bio or on Music Farm's website!

Our album will be released this summer! There's not an official date yet but should be late May or early-mid June, so keep an eye out a look for updates on our social media pages. We will be releasing two singles in the months leading up to the album release — one of them to be released mid March!

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