Beat Juice: 11 Questions with Little Bird

"I would wine and dine Music Farm"



From a homemade basement studio in Annapolis, Md., all the way to 1770 Records' 2016 "Band of the Year," Little Bird has worked its way into locals' hearts with their blend of surf rock, jazz, and Americana. So yeah, this crew has swanky dinner party jams and melodic date night tunes covered.

When they aren't coveting D'Allesandro's pies or Bagel Nation sammies, Little Bird is on tour spreading the gospel of Familiar, their April 1, 2018 release. You can also find the band on the mic at local events like the Elliotborough Block Party on Sat. May 19. ’Til then, find out a little more about members Oleg, Ben, James, and Jay in this week's Beat Juice.

Most recent musical discovery?
Kamasi Washington (Oleg)

Best rock band known to man?
Little Feat  (James)

Favorite song to perform?
"Honey Leak" (Ben)

Go-to hangover cure?

Laying down in the grass with a Denver Bagel with bacon, an iced coffee, and a warm "hello" from my friend Denise at Bagel Nation on James Island (James)

Last show you went to?
Mo Lowda & The Humble @ Royal American (Everyone)

Favorite Little Bird gig to date?
Music Farm 4.1.2018. I would wine and dine Music Farm and we would grow old together, maybe buy an RV and retire to travel the Midwest together. (Jay)

Best pizza in town?
D'Allesandro's (Everyone)

Dream collaboration?
Would love to work with Blake Mills (Jay)

If you could play at any venue, where would it be?
Red Rocks, or Gorge (James)

The greatest part about living in Charleston?
Our music friends — we have so many friends. All the bands and friends we get to collaborate with and lay in the grass with. (James)

Any upcoming shows or releases that you're excited about?
We're excited for The Elliotborough Block Party on Sat. May 19. (Jay)

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