In the best, most random lineup ever, Lil Jon, Sam Hunt, and Dashboard Confessional head to Riverfront Park this July



Ever sat alone and wanted to get low to the saddest songs? - YOUTUBE SCREENSHOTS
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  • Ever sat alone and wanted to get low to the saddest songs?
Yes, you read that headline right. Hip-hop artist Lil Jon, country music star Sam Hunt, and our favorite angsty emo band Dashboard Confessional all take the stage at Riverfront Park on Sat. July 14. They're joined by emerging artist Harry Hudson who we're sure is also great, but I mean, come on. Lil Jon and Dashboard? The mash-up possibilities are bizarre, endless, and full of promise. Tickets for the concert are on sale now ($30/general admission) and can be purchased online.

Here's what those guys look like now, btw:
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The weirdest collab concert to ever hit this planet is, naturally, sponsored by Bud Light as part of their 'Getaway' summer concert series. Fun fact: the concert was originally slated to take place in Myrtle Beach, but due to unforeseen challenges, our lucky butts get to experience it in North Chuck. The concert is also a fundraising event, with all revenue being donated to Surf Rider Grand Strand Chapter, which is pretty badass.

In an interview with Billboard last month, Chris Carrabba (Dashboard's frontman) promised "unbridled joy" during this concert series. He also kind of explained why he thinks the mish mash of music genres is perfect for this summer concert: "That's the way people listen to music now and frankly have been for a really long time — although it's really more obvious now than ever."

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