Update: Jamfest artists holding show at Big Gun on Oct. 10

Event will be free


Jamfest was organized by Malik Wright - ABSTRACT THAT RAPPER
  • Abstract that Rapper
  • Jamfest was organized by Malik Wright
UPDATE: Jamfest artists Clayton James, DJ DollaMenu, and Abstract that Rapper will perform at Big Gun on Oct. 10 at 10:30.

James organized the new show in response to Jamfest's sudden cancellation.

"I just want to have a good old fashioned show where people can have fun and hear some good music," he says.

The performance will be free to attend.

ORIGINAL POST: Hip-hop showcase Jamfest has been cancelled. The show was going to take place on Oct. 10 at the Music Farm and feature Maliik, Clayton James, Abstract that Rapper, Tyrie Young, and DJ DollaMenu.

Malik Wright, the show's organizer did not wish to comment for the article. The Music Farm has not responded to a request for comment, either.

Refunds will be provided through debit card receipts, if purchased digitally. Tickets purchased physically will be refunded by hand, according to Wright.

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