Crab Claw is more cartoony than usual in new animated video for "Self-Sabotage"

Self-sabotage! Self-sabotage!


Crab Claw's latest video was animated by Grant Lindahl - RUTA SMITH
  • Ruta Smith
  • Crab Claw's latest video was animated by Grant Lindahl
Outrageous indie group Crab Claw is back with "Self-Sabotage," a new song and music video that hits all the band's big beats: self-reflection, humor, and debauchery.

"We recorded that over the summer with Wolfie [Zimmerman] at Rialto," says songwriter Walker Trull.

"Self-Sabotage" depicts a good life for the singer. He's happier than he's ever been, he's got a great girlfriend that loves him in more than a few ways, and they're living together in a nice new apartment. But, the song asks, how do you handle happiness when all you've known is chaos?

"Just fuck your life up and then you have stuff to write about," Trull jokes about a period of writer's block partially inspired by the lack of bad times.

The video was animated by Grant Lindahl, an artist that works for "He follow me on Instagram and reached out to me and we worked out a trade," says Trull.
"Christian [Chidester], the guitarist, and I are going to record six one-minute acoustic songs for this web series he's working on called Holy City Zoo," in exchange for the video's animation, he explains.

According to Trull, the title is just a coincidence and the series has nothing to do with Charleston. Holy City Zoo is currently in pre-production and it will "be a while" before the show is released.

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