Local writer Strom McCallum serenades "Baby Belle" in his first single

From comrade to crooner


"Baby Belle" is McCallum's first single - PROVIDED
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  • "Baby Belle" is McCallum's first single
Local socialist writer Strom McCallum released his new single “Baby Belle” on Feb. 4. The single presents a mixture of genres: 1960s baroque pop and a country twang through subtle fiddles, guitar, and mandolin picking. The distortion of the vocals adds an electronic layer that brings the song back to the 21st century.

The release of “Baby Belle” is McCallum's first venture into Charleston's music scene. A self-titled LP is expected to follow later this year. Both will be released on McCallum's personal label, Strom McCallum Music, and will be distributed by Mono Stereo and Sony Music’s The Orchard. The track features the talents of local musicians including Mel Washington, mandolin player Aaron Firetag, and fiddle player Jim Graddick.

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