Human Resources sets high "Expectations" in new music video

On Repeat



Electro pop-rock band Human Resources released a music video on Feb. 7 for their song “Expectations,” the first track on their 2018 album Champagne. The video accompanies the song well. As the strong heartbeat-like bass line propels the action in the video, the camera is hypnotically sucked through a TV screen again and again, each time experiencing different situations in the same room.

As if stuck in a cycle, the camera moves through a simple living room scene with the TV on. Some things in the room keep their placement like the lamp, TV, couch, and photograph on the right wall. Throughout all the frames, the book, flowers, posters, and the situations consistently change. We float through scenes of solitude, boredom, romance, fighting, and parties, until slowly the entire room is engulfed in flames.

It's a gripping, yet simple, video making note of the aspects of our lives that are largely impermanent.

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