Plans to add standing room at Charleston Music Hall moving forward

Music Hall is "thrilled" to work with new operators


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NS2 has exclusively booked artists with the Music Hall for six years - FILE PHOTO
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  • NS2 has exclusively booked artists with the Music Hall for six years
The Charleston Music Hall announced earlier this month that long-time partners Frank Productions and Nashville-based National Shows 2 (NS2) will be the new operators of the popular downtown music venue.

Charles Carmody, the Music Hall's executive director who will remain at the venue, said in a press release that his team is "thrilled" to work closely with NS2 and Frank Productions. "The Hall is still dedicated to producing high quality local and regional content, and we are excited about the opportunities this joint venture will create to bring new and exciting national tours to Charleston," he added.

NS2 has exclusively booked artists at the Charleston Music Hall for the last six years.

Under the new agreement, NS2 and Frank Productions will attempt to diversify the types of shows by altering the current seating configuration. The sections on the ground closest to the stage will be given removable seating, allowing for an open-floor during general admission shows, and assigned seating at other times.

“The new seating configuration will give NS2 and Charleston Music Hall a chance to book acts and artists we’ve not previously had the opportunity to work with,” Boone Carter, NS2 buyer for Charleston Music Hall, said in a public statement.

Standing seats were first approved by Charleston zoning officials back in 2018 with hopes that they would be installed by the following fall, which would have been about six months ago.


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