ONE AT A TIME: Langston Hughes III stays cool "Under Quarantine"; Native Son takes back "The Land"; Anergy throws anger at "Society"

Plus, Late Night TV returns with a new single


"While Under Quarantine," Langston Hughes III
At least some good came from all this insanity. Langston's latest track is all about life in the pandemic and other world events, referencing everything from stimulus checks to smoking "moon rocks from NASA." Like usual, they tackle it with their signature cool and clever personas.

"The Land," Native Son
Native Son, Benny Starr and Rodrick Cliche's collaboration, continues to impress on their latest single. This two man army of soul beats and laser-precise social commentary hits their target hard, as they talk about heirs' property and black-owned land. Knowledge is still power, and Starr and Cliche keep proving why.

"Society (ft. Ash Vapor)," Anergy
Anergy's latest is a hardcore punk track that hits back at the scariest thing out there: civilization. Guest vocalist Ash Vapor gives a killer performance, screaming every audible version of the middle finger she can think of. Like always, the band's punchy performance provides what their name implies: break-stuff energy and righteous anger.

"Edisto Island," Late Night TV
"I just want to make music for nobody else but me," vocalist Justin Moffitt sings on Late Night TV's latest track. "Edisto Island" is a simple and quiet ballad that comes surprisingly close to being a tear-jerker. Maybe it's because Moffitt announced last week that he's working on a "goodbye EP," making this track truly feel like the beginning of the end. Hopefully they'll go down swinging when that album comes out.

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