ONE AT A TIME: Ray DeeZy gives a voice to listen to; Dead Swells come "Out of the Window"

"All the evil's gonna drown"


Dead Swells - MIA NAOME
  • Mia Naome
  • Dead Swells
Welcome back to One at a Time, where we break down the latest tracks from local artists, and put them all in one place for you.

"Roaming Around," Ray DeeZy
Rapper Ray DeeZy provided moments of meditation in his latest track, as the world seems to change in front of us. "The black dollar goes a long way, better fix your crown/ as the water keeps rising, all the evil's gonna drown/ I just wish that all these crooked cops were prison bound." Never change, Ray, especially when we need to hear more voices like yours. Check it out on his website.

"Out of the Window," Dead Swells

Dead Swells returned with a psychedelic pop tune teasing their upcoming album, and it's a trippy way to remind the world of their sound. "Out of the Window" is focused primarily on the keys and fuzzy tones that wobble their way through the track. It's a much more rounded sound than previous releases, giving a taste of the growth the band has experienced.

"Diversion" and "Tree of Life," Dwayne Mitchell
Dwayne Mitchell is best known as the owner of Local 616, but the guy can write a song (or two) when he wants to. "Diversion" is a piano-driven electronic pop song that uses synthesizers for a floating feeling permeating through the song. "Tree of Life" is the other side of the coin. It follows a syncopated rhythm and is a little darker, but the song still sticks to Mitchell's reliable piano chords to center itself. For more, check out Parker Milner's chat with Mitchell.

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