Gay Adoption (minus the diapers and the college fund)



My partner and I have been together for nearly six years. We made the decision to adopt twice since we have been together. Both our bundles of joy make us laugh almost everyday. They love us unconditionally and we love and protect them with all our energy. I'm talking about our two dogs. One was adopted at the age of 1.5 years old from a dog rescue and the other at the age of 2 years old captured our hearts and she came from the SPCA in Summerville. They are fun-loving sisters who use their charm on anyone they meet. If you are a gay or lesbian couple considering adoption and don't want to fight the red tape of having human children. Consider adopting a pet and giving it all your love and attention. Having worked for an SPCA, I saw many gay and lesbian couples adopting pets. Let's face it, it saves on college tuition!! LOL

Local SPCAs have their own websites where they feature photos and descriptions of the animals up for adoption. Do an internet search for Frances R. Willis SPCA (Dorchester County), Doc Williams SPCA (Berkeley County) or the John Ancrum SPCA of Charleston County.

Another avenue is to visit and see all types of breed specific rescue organizations in the Lowcountry, and throughout the state and nation. They also wonderful descriptions and photos of the animals available. They will typically make an appointment with you and interview you to make sure the adoption will work based on size of your home, lifestyle (working 40 hours or retired, not sexual orientation), children in the house, other pets, etc.

Give it a try! You will receive the unconditional love of a grateful, lost, abandoned or abuse pet who is seeking a loving and forever home!

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