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Pan to Neal Patrick Harris. (Just in case you don't know anybody on the stage). Me, I LOVE Mellisa.

Obama is up first.

My partner: "Oh my God! That was the gay guy from Desperate Housewives!"

Can someone tell them to skip the thank yous?

Those chairs look awkward. Or maybe it's just Obama.

No, it's the chairs.

Ah. The "Separate but equal" question. The question has been answered better by other candidates, particularly Richardson at the YouTube debate.

He comes around with progress is progress. Here here.

Is Mellisa wearing those glasses to look smart. Girl, you don't need 'em. We've seen the Oscar.

"We've got gay friends in the Red States," Obama says. Don't worry, Obama, Cheney's reading our mail. They already know we're here.

"People have got gay friends and they've got gay family members." I'd rather he say, "I've got gay friends and I've got gay family members."

Talking about homophobia in the black community. What? No Noah's Arc cast members to pan to.

Oh my GOD! They just panned to Noah's Arc cast members!

"This is a political football that has been used. … It's got to stop."

Back to gay marriage. Obama gets a little frustrated.

"I'm going to be more simpathtic because this has been the cause of my life. … Making sure everyone is treated fairly."

Sum-up: "This went to quick. I want more time." No wonder Joe Biden didn't show up. That talker …

"I'm somebody willing to talk about these issues when it's hard." Hard act to follow.

And John Edwards is next. Heaven help him.

Ricky from My So Called Life was just spotted. Is it nothing but actors in the audience?

Mellisa gives John the health care question. Gay and lesbian couples who can not depend on their partner's health care.

He supports the health care for partners.

He's met homeless gay kids. They were kicked out because they were gay … or the children of Mommie Dearest.

All jokes aside, I wish this was on something other than Logo. Answers like that need a broader audience.

Edwards says that he is comfortable around gay people. Don't get snippy with Mellisa, buster. This woman writes songs about being scorned ALL the time.

Supports Elizabeth taking on Ann Coulter. That rocked. "What Ann Coulter does is the worst kind of public discourse." What, you're not going to talk about her trashy clothes, Mr. I don't know about Hillary's jacket?!

How would you react to a transgendered employee? Edwards said he'd offer help and support. Wants powerful employment nondiscrimination laws.

"People deserve to know — will you stand with them? … I know in my heart and soul that I would."

Edwards says he shouldn't have said his religion dictates his decision on marriage.

"It is a mistake (to impose my faith on the American people)." Amen! Oops, right on!

Asked about his opposition with gay marriage. We get an answer about DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Terrific.

The next question is about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Maybe we'll get an answer on gay marriage.

"It's not the job of the generals to make this decision. It's the job of the president." Too true.

"Real change started in places just like this." TV studios? He must have just seen Hairspray.

Dennis Kucinich. This should be fun.

Question: "Is there anything the LGBT community wants that you're against?" No.

"Imagine the equal sign inside a heart." It's all about love.

I'll give Kucinich one thing: He looks more comfortable in the chair.

More about love. He's going Dr. Phil on 'em.

Melissa: "They told me not to fawn over you."

"I hope you always run for president."

He all but promises three more runs for president.

She asks about medicinal marijuana in California. "Compassion requires that the government support that."

Some may say we've run out of gay questions, but these questions are important to gays and lesbians, too.

Margaret: "It may take you five tries to get there." Ouch.

Kucinich gives an inspiring speech. Great … unless we have to hear it again in his final comments.

Question about funding for AIDS prevention eduction. What do kids need AIDS prevention eduction for? They're abstaining until marriage.

Kucinich says he supports the funding and sex education.

He praises Barney Frank. They pan to a young, handsome man. Did Barney pay them to do that?!

The wrap up: "I send you great love."

My partner's take: "God Bless 'Em." Yeah. That says it all.

Republicans: The potted plants of the forum.

Logo commercial break. I'll start part two in a new thread.

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