Greenville Gets Active



Gay rights group Faith in America is taking Greenville by storm with 22 billboard, full-page newspaper ads, and a television commercial on the way targeting "religion-based bigotry."

(Faith leader Jimmy) Creech says he’s not trying to deny people their religious beliefs but only to show them that religion shouldn’t be used to justify discrimination.

"We’re not telling anybody that what they believe is wrong or that they can’t believe whatever they want to believe," he said. "But when they use their religion to deny full and equal rights to a group of people, that’s bigotry."

Kevin Boling, pastor of Mountain Bridge Bible Fellowship in Greenville and host of a program on Christian Talk, a local AM radio station, said he is working with a group of evangelical pastors to organize a seminar at the Greenville Hyatt on Nov. 3 to counter Faith in America’s argument.

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