Final Word: Obama's Anti-Gay Gospel Tour



So, there was a small group that protested the show last night and McClurkin apparently didn't disappoint his fans.

He approached the subject gingerly at first. Then, just when the concert had seemed to reach its pitch and about to end, Mr. McClurkin returned to it with a full-blown plea: “Don’t call me a bigot or anti-gay when I have suffered the same feelings,” he cried.

“God delivered me from homosexuality,” he added. He then told the audience to believe the Bible over the blogs: “God is the only way.” The crowd sang and clapped along in full support.

While the events may help get some blacks to take another look at Obama, the negative impact in the gay community will go much further than South Carolina. Obama has a progressive stance on gay and lesbian issues and he can't afford to miss any opportunity to get the word out. For now, all the LGBT community can hear is that crowd singing and clapping along with McClurkin.

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