What's So Gay About Monday, Feb. 11, 2008



• If you thought the gayest thing about the Grammys was Dave Koz, you obviously missed Tina and Beyonce, with an introduction by Cher! Girl!

• Millionaire Matchmaker could go gay next season. Insert "It's already on Bravo, isn't it?" joke here.

• A study shows that gay latino couples adopt children more than others.

• Hillary tells the Blade that she talks about gay issues all the time.

“I talk about gay issues frequently,” she said. “I’ve been a longtime friend of the gay community — I’ve been talking about these issues since 1999 when I first ran for Senate and went on record as the first major candidate to say we’re going to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ I talk about ending discrimination all the time.”

• Sydney's big gay Mardi Gras kicks of 30 years. Couldn't really find a tasteless and/or shirtless picture from the scene. My bad.

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