Phoney Baloney



First Fred Thompson emerged from his Tennessee HQ looking like a six-grade boy wearing his father's suit (see old Fred here, new Fred here). Now he's whining about a website,, that was designed by somebody with ties to the firm handling Mitt Romney's South Carolina run. The site has since been taken down, but thanks to the power of Google, you can still see the remnants of it. Pretty tame stuff. Nothing to get all in a huff about. What happened to that hard as nails DA on Law and Order who could paralyze a pit bull with his icy stare and deep fried homilies? Who knows?

In the setting-myself-up-for-an-opportunity-to-publicly-get-egg-on-my-face department, Fred's campaign apparently has trouble spelling Gov. Mark Sanford's name. As a guy who lost a third grade spelling bee because he misspelled "shirt" — I forgot all about the "r" — I must say, Fred, I feel for you.

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