Katon Dawson could learn a lesson or two from Britney



Poor ole Britney Spears. Everybody has an opinion about her recent MTV music video awards appearance, and none of it favorable. But regardless of what you might think about her performance – it was a belly flop into the kiddy pool, it was the seventh sign of the coming apocalypse, it was, well, nothing really to be concerned about, what with all the lives being lost everyday in Iraq, Darfur, and the upper management offices of disgraced Chinese toy manufacturers — you have to applaud Britney for taking her licks without uttering a peep. No public whining for Ms. Spears.

The same can't be said for S.C. GOP head Katon Dawson. Earlier this week, he sent out a press release complaining about a personal attack on him by Hillary Clinton's campaign...following an even earlier press release by Mr. Dawson attacking a HRC campaign ad targeting black voters in South Carolina. The release reads:

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign personally attacked South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson today after he criticized her recently released radio ad. Dawson released the following statement today on Clinton’s childish name-calling and dishonest radio ad which, according to CNN, “targets black voters":

“While Hillary Clinton’s political machine wastes time with partisan personal attacks, our Party continues to strengthen its relationship with the African-American community...."

As in the case of Ms. Spears, sometimes it's in your best interest to just take it like a man and let the bastards say what they want to say. But here's the thing: Hillary didn't personally attack Dawson, and judging by the CNN report where the attack apparently originated, neither did HRC's S.C. campaign spokesperson Zac Wright. According to the CNN report, here is what was said about Dawson's press release by Wright:

"It would be laughable if it weren't such tragically misguided spin to avoid the reality of so many people in our state being invisible to the President," Wright said in an email. "If the Republican Party wants to defend George Bush and wrap themselves in his record, his handling of the war in Iraq or the 42 percent increase in the number of uninsured in South Carolina since he took office, that's their decision"

OK. Now at any point did Mr. Wright call Mr. Dawson "laughable"? Did he say Katon himself was "misguided"? Did Hillary's man call the chair of the S.C. GOP a wuss? Nope. And neither will I. However, I will post this link to this video from Billy Squier.

I called Mr. Dawson yesterday to speak with him about the charge that HRC's campaign personally attacked him, but I've yet to receive a call back.

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