One sink to serve them all



Donnie Darko may have been crazy — sane people don't actually see man-sized bunnies, you know — but he may have had a point when he said that soap was the greatest invention ever. Take that, dirt and bacteria. You are no match for the cleaning power of soap.

But for soap to be effective, you need to have water. Unfortunately, that's not what the kids at R.D. Schroder Middle School on Yonges Island had a how lot of. According to a WCSC Live 5 News report yesterday, all but one sink at the school has been broken ... for almost a month. Read about it here. Tracey Amick reports:

"So we talked to the school district and they said, yes, some of the sinks are broken, but there is still one that works, and if all the children don't want to stand in line and use that one sink they can always use the anti-bacterial lotion that is provided."

According to the report, the sink situation is being taken care of.

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