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Americans have becoming stricken by a disease which affects their very perception of reality — namely, they view the tragic events that take place on a day to day basis as if those events themselves are contagious. Watch nearly any local nightly newscast and you'll see it how folks view random tragedies like shark attacks or child abductions or school shootings as if they are virulent contagions that can be spread from community to community, family to family, person to person.

That online money laundrying scam. What out! You might catch it. That graffiti-covered fence. Beware! It might spread to your neighborhood. That identity thief. Be on the look out! Those guys multiply faster than MSRA bacteria. Break out the Germ-X.

Maybe it's a particular need that people have, that in order to understand a tragedy it has to presented in a way that impacts them directly, it has to be localized.

Consider this Live 5 News report which attempts to localize Saturday's shopping center shooting in Illinois. Or this front page report in today's Post and Courier about a woman whose boyfriend allegedly took out credit cards in her name.

In other news, the P&C has an interesting write up on the career of out-going Dorchester County Sheriff Ray Nash. Be on the look out for a cameo by Christian Exodus head honcho and former League of the South member Cory Burnell

Breakfast is served for Berkeley County GOPers as the pissing contest between Wade Arnette and Charles Schuster continues. 2Guys1cupofcoffee. (P&C)

Does Charleston County have a DNA lab in its future? (P&C)

The P&C's Larry Williams and Travis Haney give recruiting ranking for potential college players a critical look. Gene Sapakoff joins in on the fun with a column on the same topic.

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