The Dog Bowl: Media wrap-up for Feb. 18



The pickings are slim today. No shocker really since it's Monday. So I'm having to venture outside of the area.

First up, the Sumter Item has a report on Buddy Witherspoon, who is running against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, and as has become commonplace, no mention of 'Spoon's ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens is made. It's like running a report on Thomas Ravenel and not mentioning his snow shoveling woes.

For folks who have never seen Animal House, PCU, and countless college recruitment videos, the Spartanburg Herald-Journal reports that frat boys and sorority girls drink and use drugs at a higher rate than other students.

In 2007, the study found that 45 percent of Greeks used marijuana in the past year, compared with 25 percent of all other students, about 24 percent of freshmen, and 15 percent of athletes. Roughly twenty percent of Greeks used some drug other than marijuana in the past year, compared with about eight percent of all other students.

Numbers were high for Greeks who drink and drive. Fifty-four percent of Greeks admitted to drinking and driving, compared with 34 percent of all other students. And more Greeks have been arrested for driving under the influence - 13 percent - compared with just 4 percent of student athletes and 2 percent of freshmen, the study found.

What's a cop to do when an investigation ain't working out? While WIS News in Columbia reports that police in Cola Town are turning to hypnotists to help out. (I guess the pyshics should have seen this one coming.)

We wanted to see for ourselves how it all works. Marshall told WIS News 10's Dan Tordjman his attitude wasn't ideal for hypnosis. He said Dan looked apprehensive and nervous. WIS photojournalist Rico Meyer was more willing, and hence a better candidate.

So Marshall tried a relaxation excercise he uses with area high-school students. Rico was asked to lift his left index finger for every number Marshall called out, while also visualizing the numbers.

As Rico slipped into hypnosis, his movements became sluggish. Marshall then carried Rico into the depths of his own imagination and consciousness.

Say it with me: Imagin-naaaaaa-tion, Imagin-naaaaaa-tion, Imagin-naaaaaa-tion, Imagin-naaaaaa-tion.....

Are you Girl Scout Cookies soggy? Fox Carolina in the 864 knows why:

It's officially Girl Scout cookie season, but this year, complaints have surfaced about one variety being damaged, reported WXII-TV in Greensboro, N.C.

Girl Scout representatives said last week's storms in Tennessee caused water damage at one of the bakeries' storage facilities, affecting the peanut butter sandwich cookies, known as Do-Si-Dos.

"People have opened up the cookie and expected a nice crunch from the oatmeal cookie part of it, but instead, it's soft and they think it's stale," Tarheel Triad Girl Scout representative Lynn Burnette said.

Now, if they could only solve the mystery of why Samoans are called Samoans in some places and Carmel Delights in others.

Although we've yet to receive any answer on this— hell, we didn't even bother to ask — but just how many folks at the Statehouse quickly shut their laptops today when they visited FITSNews, the must read political blog by former Sanford spokesman Will Folks? NSFW.

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