Ray Ray's return, an apology to Bauer, murder is not contagious, report leaves out candidate's ties to CoCC, FITS to be tied


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You know, normally I avoid crime stories like [insert Hollywood starlet/snotty heiress here] does a sammich, but this one from Live 5 was kind of funny in a dumb crook news kind of way:

It happened little after 1 am; the first guy came from the back of the ATM and walked over to the driver's side.

With gun in hand, one of the suspected demanded cash. At the same time, a second suspect came to the passenger side and stood in front of the car.

“I just floored it and I hit one of the guys,” Snype said. "It was kind of like do I get my card back or do I leave and as soon as you see a gun, you say, it doesn't matter just go, get away."

And now for two reports out of the Upstate, specifically my old stomping grounds in Greenville, the 36th most walking friendly city in the nation. (Is that something to proud of? I always go by college football/basketball rankings; if you're not in the Top 25, well, don't even bother.)

No. 1: The Greenville News reports on the news that one of the alleged killers of the UNC student body president may be responsible for an earlier murder at Duke. However, just because one guy killed two people at two different schools doesn't mean we have a murder epidemic on our hands; homicide isn't contagious you know. (OK, maybe it is in North Charleston and only if you're involved in a gang, but that's another story entirely.)

After rising from 1999 to 2002, campus homicides dropped substantially between 2002 and 2006. But that was before the April 2007 murders of 32 people at Virginia Tech. The final numbers from 2007 will likely show a substantial uptick, according to Daniel Carter of the group Security on Campus.

It’s unknown whether the latest killings mean violence affecting college students is worsening. The latest Department of Justice figures showed campus violent crime declining 9 percent over the latest 10-year period, but those numbers go up only to 2004.

No. 2. The Greenville News' political columnist Dan Hoover has a rather lengthy piece on Sen. Lindsey Graham's challengers, including Buddy Witherspoon. As expected, no mention is made of Witherspoon's former association with the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group with a markedly white agenda.

Ken Burger has a good write up on Ray Ray McElrathbey, the former Clemson football player who became something of a national celebrity when it was learned that he has been raising his younger brother. Recently, Clemson revoked McElrathbey's scholarship, and the school received a fair amount of bad press for it. Since then, CU found McElrathbey a spot on the Tiger coaching staff.

The McElrathbey boys will be fine. Ray Ray will earn his degree and Fahmarr has a healthy trust fund to help him along in life.

The real loser is Clemson.

How could they not see this coming? Why didn't somebody step up and say, "you know, this might not look so good?"

That's because it looks like what it is — college football programs use players until they are of no use to them anymore. Then, when nobody's looking, they kick them to the curb.

Only difference, this time everybody's looking.

It's not easy being a blogger. Just ask the anonymous folks behind A Sunny Place for Shady People, who were called out this week by fellow blogger Will Folks for posting a comment on Folks' site, FITSNews.com, alleging that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer skies the slopes of Columbia, S.A. Since then Shady has apologized. (Folks has reported that Corey Hutchins and Wes Wolfe, authors of much discussed piece on Mark Sanford's alleged "hit list," are behind the website. Hutchins says he does not operate Shady website.)

Hey, we’ve been wrong about a lot of things before, but nothing to the degree about what we posted on FITSnews about Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer. From the intense defense of Bauer by friends of his, and threats of a lawsuit, we’re pretty certain that what we were told over drinks a couple times is complete bullshit.

After all, we’re not going to have our ramen noodles taken away because a couple jackasses said things to us that were totally untrue.

We’re totally, and completely sorry to the lieutenant governor, his friends and family.

And, trust us on this, we have some pretty nasty phone calls to make to the people who lied to us.

And, actually, consider this our swan song. It’s been fun, but, seriously, we don’t need the headaches that come from speaking our minds, or passing along everything we hear over a couple bourbons. Maybe someone else will take up the banner, but it ain’t going to be us.


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