Debate on 24-hr waiting period abortion bill delayed



One of the smartest things the anti-abortion movement did was to adopt the phrase "Pro-Life." The pro-abortion crowd then responded with "Pro-Choice." Which was lame. It also allowed the anti-abortioners define the pro-abortioners. And letting those you disagree with define how who you are is not a good thing. Just ask the Democratic Party.

But there's a difference between a crafty semantic move and bumbling double-speak. Take for instance comments made this week by Holly Gatling, executive director of the anti-abortion group S.C. Citizens for Life.

In the press release, Gatling says,

Members of the S.C. House debated payday lending regulation legislation for five hours Wednesday and adjourned without taking up the bill to give women contemplating abortion a 24-hour waiting period to think through her decision. It will be next week before the bill is debated, according to Rep. Greg Delleney, R-Chester, the primary sponsor. The bill has 34 co-sponsors.

As I watched the payday lending debate, hoping it would end in time for the waiting period bill to be taken up, I was struck by the passion with which some lawmakers support regulation of the payday lending industry, informed consent for often financially desperate customers of payday lending businesses, and even waiting periods, called “cooling off” periods before a cash-strapped customer could acquire another high-interest loan.

I hope to see that same passion next week in favor of our pro-life legislation that protects a woman’s dignity, health, and right to choose life for her child waiting to be born.

A woman's "right to choose life for her child"? Um. I didn't realize that right had been taken away. Maybe it's some post-Nadya Suleman thing and I just missed it on the Drudge Report.

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