Andre Bauer signs up with Christian "MySpace"



... or is that Facebook or Friendster or I forget what the name is. But I know what it does.

Speaking of social netwanking sites, you can vist me at ... I mean, Twitter. And read one nonsensical post after another about the inanity of Twitter. We've all got to stay connected these days with all of fans.

Lt. Gov. Bauer knows this. Which is why he recently signed up with, a, well, you see the title of this post. You can see his page here.

As for, here's what the fine folks have to say for themselves: is your place to meet and connect with Christians around the country. Chat or post photos and videos to share your experience. Look for others who are sharing theirs—even if you’re searching for news about what’s important in Christian music, style and events or looking for the buzz in politics and trends, we are the home for what is relevant to you and the God-loving community. This is a fresh online community for Protestants and Catholics alike—the entire Christian family—to mingle, share a faithful lifestyle, and even find romance.

Romance, eh. Does staring into my own reflection as it looks back at me from the computer screen count?

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