DeMint still has Big Brother on his mind

The power of Orwell compels the Upstate senator to hypothesize



Previously, I've written about how Jim DeMint has begun to bat around a little idea comparing Obama to George Orwell's Big Brother.

What a hack.

Seriously, dude. That's like a major op-ed foul. Only a rank amatuer does that sort of thing. Next thing you know, he'll be comparing the Obama administration to the Nazis and Malia and Sasha to the SS.

And now he's back with the Big Brother talk once again. Oh brother.

In a recent op-ed published at Fox News, Demint said:

"Right now, liberals may cheer at the corporate takeovers President Obama has engineered, but only because they agree with his politics. They like the idea of the government forcing Detroit to make green cars, regardless of their profitability. They like the proposed takeovers of the student loan and health care industries. They like the idea of the treasury secretary divvying out $700 billion to whomever he pleases without congressional appropriation. They like these things now because they like and trust the current president and his appointees.

But what happens when Obama leaves office? Do liberals really want a conservative Republican in charge of Wall Street and Detroit, to be the nation’s loan officer for college tuition or home mortgages? What is to stop a future administration from taking over troubled newspapers, movie studios, or television networks, and operating them according to its partisan ends?"

Well, I'll tell you what'll stop'em, Jim. You and me.

See, in the future, we're going to get together, and we're going to like right wrongs and stuff — we'll bring back Pushing Daises, reform Guns n' Roses (that Axl-led band aint' them), find the Flying Spaghetti Monster and eat him, and give tax cuts to every small business owner so they can hire an invisible elf who will willingly transfer all of his hard-earned earnings right back into the bank accounts of his bossman.

But now's not the time, Jim. We have to wait. Be patient, buddy. Our time will come.

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