Alvin Greene Update: Vic Rawl looking for Election Day irregularities


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I guess, I could make a joke and tell Vic Rawl to head to the nearest old folks home, but I won't. I'd never, ever say such a thing. Nope. I'm sure he takes his Metamucil.

In case you've been snoozing, Rawl of Charleston lost to Alvin Greene, a Manning, S.C., political nobody who won the Democratic nomination in the U.S. Senate race despite doing little to nothing to actually win. Which is not much less than what Rawl did.

Seriously, I can't remember ever seeing a single "Rawl for Senate" campaign sign, and I live in the dude's hometown. Apparently, those things are as rare as a photograph of Jake Knotts in which he doesn't look like Ram Man from Masters of the Universe.

Well, now Rawl has announced that he is investigating whether or not any shenanigans actually occurred on Election Day instead of accepting the fact that the $186,000 in his campaign war chest was simply not enough to get his name out there.

Truth be told, Nikki Haley's even larger $500,000 was not enough to get her name out there either. It wasn't until Sarah Palin endorsed Haley that the Indian-American state representative moved out of fourth place in the four-man S.C. gubernatorial race .

Here's Rawl's press release:

It has been an eventful three days for our state.

The results of the Senate primary on Election Day surprised almost everyone in the state, apparently including Mr. Greene.

There are a number of serious allegations out there about the election. No one yet knows if they are true.

I do know that Jim Clyburn is an icon in state politics and what he had to say today should be taken very seriously.

If any of the allegations have merit, the people of South Carolina have a right to know that.

My campaign is looking closely at data from Election Day and otherwise for irregularities.

As for Mr. Greene, what happens next is entirely in his hands. I wish him well, and hope he makes his decisions in the best interests of his family and the people of South Carolina.

Here's a nifty interview with Greene from S.C. ETV.


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