Nikki Haley says her administration has made no mistakes, gives herself an A+++



First Nikki Haley gave herself an A+++ for her efforts during her first 100 days in office, now she's claiming that her administration has been absolutely mistake-free, according to a Myrtle Beach television station WBTW.

The first-term governor stopped by the Lee Nursing Building at Francis Marion University on Friday as part of her “100 Days Tour” that has taken her to towns across the state recalling her first three months in office.

“There really are no mistakes we have made,” Haley said. “Now, I am my strongest critic. The very first thing I do at the end of the day is say, ‘What could I have done better?’ That’s me and that’s how I handle it. But every policy decision I’ve made, I stand by it.”

To make matters worse, this wasn't just a slip of the tongue. Haley was proud of what she said, In fact, she tweeted a link to the report, apparently blind to how the public — and her political enemies — would interpret the statement.


I don't know what to say. I really don't.

In fact, I'm too seething with rage to even begin listing all of Haley's mistakes over the past 100 days.

Ah. What the hell. I'll give it a shot.

Haley fired Darla Moore and then was totally surprised when both GOPers and Dems were pissed.

And she later lied to nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, claiming that Moore, the largest benefactor in University of South Carolina history, was ousted because she refused to meet or speak with Haley.

The truth, of course, was that Haley had offered Moore's spot on the USC Board of Trustees to a campaign contributor days after being elected. (Moore did cancel a meeting with Haley, but it came after the governor had already sent the respected business woman a letter in the mail notifying her of her termination.)

Haley claimed that an unknown party filled out her application to Lexington Medical on which she apparently had listed her income as $125,000 when she reported to the IRS that year that she had only made $22,000.

Haley let Amazon nix plans for a proposed distribution center and take more than 1,000 new jobs with them.

Haley has been continually involved in a public pissing match with state Treasurer Curtis Loftis, a fellow Republican who, unlike Nikki, actually believes in transparency.

Haley continues to sit on the sidelines while the city of North Charleston and the state Department of Commerce battle over rail lines in Park Circle and the Navy Yard, a fight that is sure to end up in court, threatening both the Port of Charleston and the economy of the entire state.

Haley announced she was writing a memoir weeks, if not days, after she took office, despite accomplishing little more than getting elected during a year when the GOP was virtually unstoppable. To make matters worse, she won by a smaller than expected margin, thanks in part to concerns within the Republican Party that Haley was not fit for office.

Haley has so far declined to sue Will Folks, the FITSNews blogger whom Haley claims has falsely said that he had an affair with her.

Haley was photographed playing with her iPad during a speech by President Obama.

Haley met with Michele Bachmann.

Haley is afraid to talk to state media organizations, but she rarely passes up the opportunity to speak to the national press.

Haley felt compelled to write a post on her Facebook page attacking Columbia Fox affiliate WACH because they ran a report on the release of an excerpt from Folks' hypothetical tell-all book, allegedly describing the first make-out session between Haley and the blogger.

I don't know about you, but I'd give Nikki Haley an A+++ for being a delusional, narcissistic ass.

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