Self-help Haley to Clemson: Ignore last night's asskickin'



For me, the Clemson-West Virginia game ended at half-time.

That's when I drained the last bit of bourbon in my glass and walked down the hall to my bedroom completely sober. My plans for a rip-roaring, late-night session had been ruined. And worst of all, all of my after-hours hopes and dreams had been destroyed by people I love: the Clemson Tigers.

When I woke up this morning, it was even worse.



I prayed for a headache. An overwhelming urge to vomit. But that wasn't to be. I had no hangover. There was nothing to distract me from the terrible, terrible truth: My beloved Tigers played horribly on Wednesday night. And that was something I simply couldn't ignore.

However, that's just what Nikki Haley wants Coach Dabo Swinney and company to do. She wants them to forget about last night's performance, to refuse to look at what they did right and all that they did tragically, tragically wrong.

On her Facebook page today, the guv had this to say:

Clemson is a young team. it was not a great night for them. To the Tigers, ignore the judgement and criticism, you had a great season. Next year will be better than this year. You will always have our support! Go Tigers!

Now, I'm not going to deny that the Tigers had a great season. It was one for the ages. A moment that Clemson fans desperately needed. We won 10 games for the first time since the Hatfield era. Even better, we won the ACC championship. Perhaps best of all, all signs point to another steller season next year ... that is if the Tiger defense can get their fucking act together.

And in order to do that, defensive coordinator Kevin Steele and the entire defensive unit will have to thoroughly examine what went wrong last night. They will have to relive the 2011 Orange Bowl again and again and again. After all, that's the only way they will ever be able to improve.

But Haley doesn't feel the same way. She wants the Tigers to delete last night's gridiron abortion from their memories much in the way she deletes all of her email.

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