The one and only problem with S.C.'s Voter ID law



It's as simple as this: As written, South Carolina's Voter ID law impedes or takes away the right to vote from those who are currently able to vote. It is illegal for the state to deny or prevent law-abiding voters from casting their ballots on Election Day or any other day.

The South Carolina state Senate knew this, and they knew that the law as written would be struck down by the courts because of this fact. Their plan was to grandfather in current voters and require an ID for new voters.

But they were too cowardly to vote against the House's harsher and unconstitutional bill, and so now our state is going to be spending taxpayer dollars to fund a battle that the state Senate knew we would never win.

When it comes to the Voter ID law, if any elected officials or pundit tells you that my point is not the defining problem with the law, they are lying to you.

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