Shealy off the ballot, Haley dissed, and the Dems get all bigotty again



Now, I'm not one to let a day pass without muttering at least one ill word about Nikki Haley. It's happened, mind you. Hell, sometimes I've even defended her, but you can bet your bottom's last dollar-bill ball gag that I whipped myself silly when I got home. And the worst part is, I didn't even like it. Yesterday was not one of those days.

On Wednesday, Nikki went before the SCGOP executive committee and urged them to put Katrina Shealy back on the ballot. As you may know, Shealy was one of nearly 200 candidates that were removed from the ballot thanks to a ruling by the S.C. Supreme Court over alleged filing errors. (Charleston's own Peter vonLehe Ruegner was one of them. To read more about his woes — and his videotaped showdown with Charleston County GOP chair Lin Bennett — check out a report by the City Paper's Paul Bowers.)

Well, thanks in part no doubt to the good guv's urging, the SCGOP executive committee announced that it was putting Shealy — and only Shealy — back on the ballot. Of course, that's not their call to make. Unless the state code of laws has changed recently, political parties don't have authority over the Supreme Court, not even in this one-party state.

However, today, the S.C. Election Commission said as much, stating quite clearly that Shealy will not be on the ballot. In fact, the ballots have been set and printed, and absentee voting has already begun.

Now in the middle of this, S.C. Senate Democratic Caucus Director Phil Bailey found a way to put his hunting dog-shit-covered boot in his mouth.

Prone to writing off-color tweets, Bailey got on Twitter and voiced his anger, writing, "@nikkihaley is the Sikh Jesus. She can resurrect an unlawful campaign by simply appearing at a @SCGOP hearing." Douche.

As you may know, Nikki Haley was raised a Sikh and later in life converted to Christianity. Of course, this being South Carolina, some good ole boy types want to constantly remind you of this, with some even going as far as to say that Nikki's still a Sikh at heart and the whole conversion was just a political ruse. Assholes. A

And then there are those who bring up Haley's Sikh heritage to remind you that Nikki's an "other," someone who's different than, say, real red-blooded Americans. Some dickheads even go as far as to refer to Haley repeatedly by her birth name, Nimrata Randhawa, in order to emphasize her otherness. Choads. Bailey's in this latter camp.

Of course, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone following Palmetto State politcs. The S.C. Democratic Party has a homophobic-slinging assmunchin, Dick Harpootlian, as its leader, so bigotry is clearly an accepted play in the Dem's political handbook. That needs to change or the state Democratic Party will quickly become even more irrelevant than it already is.

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