Lee Bright co-opts Mark Sanford penny-pinching campaign sign strategy

Eat Mor Bright


No longer content to craft Star Wars parody videos and to insinuate that a fellow candidate is gay, state Sen. Lee Bright is apparently stealing a page right out of the Mark Sanford penny-pinching playbook. 

As you remember, Mark Sanford's campaign put up spray-painted plywood campaign signs, and in doing so convinced the poor Republican rubes of this state that he was the true fiscally conservative candidate in the District 1 Congressional race — despite the fact that a big order of plywood sheets costs a lot more than a bulk order of cheap plastic signs.

Well, Bright evidently is hoping a little bit of the Luv Guv's luck is going to rub off on him. 

This morning on Morrison Drive, I saw the first of what I expect are more grassroots — cough — signs urging voters to elect Bright to the U.S. Senate. It's more or less a piece of blue tarp with the words "Lee Bright for Senate" on it. Oddly enough, I initially mistook the campaign sign for a Chic-fil-A sign, you know, one of those "Eat Mor Chikin" things. 

On second thought, given our state's shameful educational system, maybe "Lee Brite 4 Seneats" would have been more persuasive in luring would-be Bright supporters.

  • Chris Haire

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