Chris Christie is lying

A press conference of deception


"As I mentioned to you earlier, I spent all day yesterday digging into, talking to folks, getting to the bottom of things. I know there was much discussion yesterday about what was I doing. Well, let me tell you everybody: I was blindsided yesterday morning. I was done with my workout yesterday morning and got a call from my communications director at about 8:50, 8:55, informing me of this story that had just broken on the Bergen Record website. That was the first time I knew about this." N.J. Gov. Chris Christie

Chris Christie is a liar. Yesterday's press conference made that clear to anyone with half a brain.

And while his lie isn't on par with Reagan's Iran-Contra fibs, it's every bit as unbelievable. In fact, I can't believe the governor thought he could get away with it. I mean, you and I both know the truth: Chris Christie did not work out on Wednesday morning. 

Surely, I don't have to state the obvious. Gov. Christie is on the James Gandofini Diet. You know the one I'm talking about. It's the diet where you eat a double-order of fried prawns in mayo-chili sauce and a large serving of foie gras for every meal, three times a time, plus a midnight snack, not to mention 2nd breakfast and elevensies. 

I don't know about you, but come 2016, Chris Christie won't be getting my vote. As a man who huffs and puffs it three times a week on the hardened streets of North Charleston in order to stay in barely reasonable shape, I can't stomach this kind of deception.

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