Celebrating MLK Day with fried chicken and 40s of OE

The day's most racist tweets


If there's one thing that Twitter is good for, it's showcasing just how utterly idiotic our fellow Americans are — and just how ignorant they are of the greater world.

If it doesn't happen in the suburban enclaves or the six-block neighborhoods or the backwoods meth and mesothelioma-settlements they call home, it doesn't happen at all. And as such, they do not care about the suffering of those who do not inhabit their small, stinky hobbit holes — nor appreciate those who struggled and worked and slaved away so that they could drop bird-shit bon mots on Twitter.

While this sort of thing happens every day, some days see a disconcerting uptick in douchebaggery. Today is one of them. The reason: It's MLK Day and, well, a lot of white people are racist assholes — or at least find it amusing to trade in the racial effluent that only the I'm-not-racist-but... crowd finds so amusing. 

So without further ado, here are some of today's most nauseating MLK tweets. May the hands of fate reward these tweeters with gut-wrenching cases of late-night intestinal distress.

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