These T-shirts will offend both Clemson and USC fans

The University of South Clemson


Like many of you, the past eight months have been torture. I'm talking right up there with the rack, the iron maiden, and Sunday night's VMAs. My anaconda don't want none. No, seriously, it doesn't.

But the days of pain and sorrow are almost at an end. College football season is nearly here. And the Palmetto State's two great football powerhouses look to have another great year.

The good times start on Thursday, with a showdown between the No. 9 South Carolina Gamecocks and the No. 21 Texas A&M Aggies. Meanwhile, on Saturday, the No. 16 Clemson Tigers face off against the No. 12 Georgia Bulldogs.

In honor of both the Gamecocks and the Tigers, I've created two T-shirts. You can buy them here and here. I've also included pics of the two tees below. Enjoy. 



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