The Super Bowl is being destroyed by girls shaking their butts

Saving the Game


I can't remember the last time we ran a letter to the editor from outside the Charleston area, especially one about a subject that doesn't have an immediate impact here in town. But when I got this email today, I just felt the need to pass it along in all its unedited glory. Enjoy.


What an insult to football players who came to play football and decide which team is the world champ and they got put on hold while a crowd of girls spent an hour shaking their buts on a big stage that would have to be removed from the football field. further delaying the game.

Too many money hustlers have crept into and the behind the SUPER BOWL scenes and have destroyed the true meaning and spirit of a SUPER BOWL football must procedure. How?

The football player psyche is conditioned to one game a week when playing starts. When the final four teams play-off and the two teams going to the SUPER BOWL is set, the SUPER BOWL HAS to be the NEXT WEEK!.

The two-week layoff with annoying mikes stuck in the faces for two weeks with the carnival like pitches going on, causes a let down in their mental and physical game set and they start getting harassed, tired. and bored from being away from home too long.

Look at the Panthers’ fighting spirit and high mental confidence at the last game they played to get into the SUPER BOWL.
The two-week layoff showed at the opening kickoff. All seemed to be tired. The players who had been there before handled the extended times best, but the playoffs were more astounding than any plays made in the SUPER BOWL.

If the NFL and team owners don’t put a stop to the football SUPER BOWL procedure of two week layoffs and the show-and-tell girly massive time extensions, the SUPER BOWL will lose a lot of followers, players who do not want to go to the SUPER BOWL and lose fans who go to see a great game, not a strip club presentation.

You want to see mind set shorted out? Recall the 2013 Super bowl XLVII. First half Ravens ran over every thing. Could be the highest scoring game ever. Wild bets made on high score records on million to one odds. Second half opens and ravens-returned kickoff for a touchdown. Mob bosses may have bit the end of their cigar off and gave the kill it order. Alec Tricition does the simple short-it move and the Stadium lights go off. Ravens tucked their heads under their wings and slept and 49ers slept too and got enough sleep to come roaring back and also most won the game, which is an excellent example of mind set changes.

So let us get the SUPER BOWL saved and set to the week after the final playoff, half time show limited to 10 minutes showing films of prior SUPER BOWLS, and the half time kickoff on time at the end of the fifteen minutes. Glory-Be belongs to the players.

Fred R. Benton, EdS., PhD.

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