Checking in with the Charleston International Film Festival

Attendance at the 2011 event was up significantly



Now that the dust of Spoleto has cleared, it’s time to take a look back at another major happening: The Charleston International Film Festival.

At the May event, jury awards went to Angel Camouflaged (which was filmed locally), The Story of Us, and American Jihadist; a full list of winners is available at the fest's website. “We do consider this year to be a big success for us,” says Ron Krauskopf, the festival’s marketing director. He tells us that more than 4,100 people attended this year’s CIFF, up 27 percent from 2010. That includes special guests like Army Wives’ Terry Serpico and actress Dedee Pfeiffer, who won an award for her appearance in The Tub.

The festival will be moving back to April next year. “The only reason we shifted this year is that the American Theater had an early booking for the entire month of April and we had to push to May,” Krauskopf says. “We’ve toyed with the idea of shifting our event to later in the year when things aren’t so hectic, but the festive spirit of spring in the Lowcountry keeps pulling us back to April.”

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